Career & Professional Development

We will be working with all of our Alliance partners to provide a range of CPD opportunities for those working in all areas of education. Our programmes will include:

• Courses which run through the school year
•  Full-day, half-day, or twilight sessions
•  Peer-to-peer networking events
•  School Immersion - spend time immersed in a faculty, year group, or leadership team and get a real ‘day in the life’ experience of an area you might be aspiring to move into


We would welcome expressions of interest from schools to run courses and to host school immersions.

 Primary School Curriculum

The HTSA has got funds to run a conference and support for Primary schools in Hillingdon in moving to the new curriculum.  Deanesfield and Hayes Park primary schools will be leading this initiative.


Thames Valley Partnership opportunities:
Standalone modules

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